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we have supplied specialist sheet music & strings since the 1990s as well as other items useful for musicians & music teachers, such as custom nuts & saddles, straps, stands, capos, tuners, picks, straplocks, strap blocks, cleaners, lemon oils, polish, cables, pickups, switches, potentiometers, string trees, machine heads, bridges, control plates & knobs, necks...& whole instruments too!

Some of the latter pictured here:

Woodstock parlour guitar sold


Admira A2

made in Spain



Al Summers has written & co-authored over 30 books on music....

...despite this, a huge (not-so-amazin') mail order company listed all the (available*) books as unavailable - & offered a Kindle version of one in USA, refusing to pay the publisher or author. None of this helped distribution!

Download versions of many books plus plenty of music sheets are available at:


If you have problems obtaining anything I have  written or publications where I own digital rights, please let me know & I will do my best to ensure you receive a copy, for no more than the published price.

*our books have always been available by return of post to anyone honest enough to pay for them