Al Summers teaches:

classical guitar, lute, composition, arranging, improvisation, theory

& slide guitar

to & beyond diploma & post-graduate level...(currently fully booked).


On page 220 of his thought provoking book How Music Works, David Byrne writes "sheet music...that's not music" - but a CD is music?

Hm, when I read a score (by Bach or Björk or...) the music sounds as clear in my head as words off any page. However hard I look at or study a CD, no music comes from it at all...

To paraphrase an ABRSM quotation from several years ago: difficult music doesn't exist; music is either impossible or easy.

The method used to move from one to the other involves understanding, familiarity, knowhow, practise...& listening (perhaps to some guidance).

For tutors teaching the current UWL LCMe classical guitar syllabus: I have identified over 25 errors in the higher grades, most of which have had a response from LCM.

If interested, I have a two-page summary of these (with possible corrections and solutions). I am happy to share if it might help: please just contact me & ask. The syllabus is worth the extra effort.