G & A Summers

We (Gill & Al) run an informed music tuition business* in Warminster (Wiltshire) based primarily upon kindness...

if we are to attempt civilisation, kindness benefits all; selfishness benefits no one in the end. Some seem to believe they’ll live forever as long as the food we have is hoarded not shared!

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“I rate very highly Arnold Schoenberg’s creative teaching methods - particularly those dedicated to “less able masters” & for those studying & enjoying music as non-professionals.”

Al Summers

Letter tile artwork by Danielle Giles

see dates page for
annual August theory weeks
monthly Fretted Strings ensemble sessions
semi-regular 12-bar blues workshops
classical guitar ‘club’
semi-regular music reading workshops
& other educational events

To download free backing tracks for

Practical Guitar Improvisation book

see backing tracks page or use this link


*we were open up to 14 hours a day, 7 days a week by appointment - for tuition...

via Skype, telephone, PDFs etc

...restringing+, set-ups, cleaning, repairs to be resumed as & when.

Specialist music stockist since the mid 1990s.

Member of MIA.

new download: Spanish/Latin etc tunes & pieces in treble clef & TAB www.alnray.co.uk