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W.U.C. history...Warminster Ukulele Club began as an idea in late 2014, effectively initiated when Tom Hiscocks and Al Summers supported an open event at Kingdown School,  Warminster, accompanied by a dozen ukuleles for people to try out. County approval encouraged Tom and Al to apply for area board grant funding. which was awarded.

In the meantime, Al and Tom felt that they should get things rolling, with or without funding. A certain amount of interest had already been drummed up through a number of themed ukulele workshops over the winter, so a firm membership base had already been installed by the time the first Club Meeting came around on the 1st February, 2015. Attendance has since been steady, Club Meetings taking place from 7-8pm on the first Sunday of each month. Quarterly these are directly followed by discussion and summary meetings.

County offered the Club and the chance to perform publicly for the first time at the prestigious Magna Carta celebrations pageant in Salisbury on the 15th of June. An agreed set-list was drawn up and five Club members arrived to be plugged in to a sizeable amplification system in the Cathedral grounds. Along with the Warminster Military Wives Choir they entertained a large and appreciative crowd, and aptly represented Warminster as being a thriving hub for the musical arts. A live radio interview followed on BBC Wiltshire, with other live opportunities being offered on the back of this.

Following some County funding, the Club purchased a number of items and reference materials to improve the experience of its members, including examples of every type of ukulele – from the tiny piccolo uke to the warm sounding bass model, as well as Felix Byrne’s ground-breaking Eco-lele. All of these are on hand for Club Members to try out - as seen and heard at our 8th August 2015 open day - along with our stock of sheet music, stands & ukulele slings (especially helpful for those who find holding ukulele awkward or uncomfortable) available for members and guests.

The Club's second public outing took place on 16th October 2015 at Warminster Civic Centre, where nine Club members played nine songs to entertain mayoral dinner guests. The Club received a wonderfully warm welcome and lots of very good feedback, creating a positive impact, securing its place on the Warminster map.

WUC featured extensively in December 2015’s issue of Music Teacher magazine as an example of possible achievements & entered the limelight for the third time on the 9th of April, 2016, and are very proud to have helped raise £1110 for the Sheila Toomey Award at the Warminster Athenaeum. The WUC rounded off the first half of the fundraising event with a varied and engaging set which culminated in the entire auditorium clapping along to their lively rendition of Queen's Crazy Little Thing Called Love. You certainly wouldn't catch us hanging around leaning on lamp posts!

Following audience feedback which called for a whole evening of our music, chairman Tom Hiscocks got thinking... and five months later, hosted Warminster's first ever String Ensemble Extravaganza, featuring several acoustic music groups from around the town with the WUC taking the headline slot. The evening proved a huge hit, and raised over £463 for deserving young, local musicians and £190 for The Athenaeum.

The Club made a festive appearance at Minster Christmas Tree Festival in December 2016 where they also met a group of players from Westbury - perhaps the start of some cross-town collaborations? Throughout February 2017 WUC featured as part of Waitrose's Community Matters scheme, and thanks to the kindness of the Warminster people, were awarded nearly £200 at the end of the month. This allowed us to buy two bass amps for our bass ukulele players and still have some left over. Other recent WUC performances include for Henford House, Warminster Macular Degeneration Society, Warminster Stroke Club, and Steeple Langford Wednesday Club, opening Warminster's annual Inspire music event being a particular highlight.

Having made successful contact with ukulele clubs in Salisbury, Chippenham, Melksham, Marlborough, Pewsey and Westbury, and with support from Wiltshire Rural Music School based in Trowbridge, Tom's idea of a ukulele festival came to fruition on June 29th. Go West Uke Fest 2017 included music workshops, performances from each club, and a collaborative 'big strum'. Plans for 2018 are already underway...  

some WUC Performances

Magna Carta Pageant, Salisbury - 15/06/2015

Warminster Mayoral Dinner - 16/10/2015

Sheila Toomy Gala, The Athenaeum - 09/04/2016

Warminster String Ensemble Extravaganza - 10/09/2016

Minster Xmas Tree Festival - 04/12/2016

Henford House - 20/12/2016

Warminster Blind Club - 20/02/2017

Steeple Langford Wednesday Club - 05/04/2017

Inspire, Warminster Town Park - 16/07/2017

Go West Uke Fest, Bishops Cannings - 29/07/2017

Warminster Stroke Club - 15/08/2017

If you or your organisation would like to book the WUC to play at your function or event, then please do get in contact - we will tailor the experience to fit your needs. Additionally, we can organise interactive ukulele workshops for any clubs, groups, or companies with itchy fingers... 

Ask us if you are interested in studying for ukulele graded exams.





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        2018                               7-8.30pm
May 6th; June 3rd; July 1st (with quarterly meeting);
August 5th; September 2nd;
October 7th (with quarterly meeting); November 4th;
December 2nd
Membership: £15 per year (for 12 monthly Club meetings),
payable January.  Guest membership: £2.
Chairman: Tom Hiscocks - Treasurer: Gill Summers.
Logo: designed & donated by Greg Hiscocks.
Other events & workshops, priced according to event, usually subsidised by the tutors who help the Club.

Also see live music page

Ukulele Song Book

by Thomas Hiscocks & Al Summers

traditional and folk melodies

in TAB, clef, chords...&...bass lines for ukulele bass. £8

May 18th WUC members’ event